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curing room.JPG
Photo courtesy of Adam Garcia
That's not a flat-screen TV. It's the curing room being framed out at Revival Market.
A one-two punch of great news from the team at Revival Market (550 Heights Boulevard), which is set to open soon in the Heights space formerly inhabited by McCain's Market. According to co-owner Morgan Weber, "The shop will probably be open mid-late February." As previously reported, the shop plans to stock as many locally made and produced foods as possible -- from Dairymaids cheese to Slow Dough bread -- as well as Weber's own meat. And that's not all.

Wunderkind charcutier (that's German and then French -- we're fancy here) Adam Garcia will also be joining the team. Garcia was most recently at VOICE, where he blew us away with clever and unique creations like lavender-flavored duck prosciutto, 'nduja spiced liberally with cayenne and salami studded with cocoa nibs. It's an excellent match for a store that will specialize in cured meats, and we can't wait to see what Garcia turns out alongside one of Houston's charcuterie masters, Ryan Pera, co-owner of Revival Market with Weber.

Bobby and Alex small.jpg
Photo by Eric Hester
Bobby Heugel and Chef Alex Padilla.
Since talented new chef Alex Padilla has been such a hit so far, Ninfa's on Navigation (2704 Navigation, 713-228-1175) seems to have been inspired to introduce more new items to its old-school menu, starting with its drinks and a brand-new patio.

The Tex-Mex institution brought on Anvil's Bobby Heugel months ago to consult on a new cocktail menu and bar program. The result is additions like the Navigation Margarita, with Espolon Blanco Tequila alongside agave nectar, and the Retablo Punch, citrus and passion fruit juices blended with Flor de Cana rum.

The new patio bar area will have space for 40 guests total, with 20 seats at the bar itself. And don't fret if the new cocktails aren't your cup of tea: The Ninfarita remains on the menu, unchanged, standing the test of time.

In closings, we [don't really] regret to inform you that the Tilted Kilt Pub (2000 Highway 6 South) has poured its last pint. Those few of you who are devastated by this news can cry into a beer at Twin Peaks or Hooters.

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alex & bobbie sure look like poostabbers in love


I'm glad to hear about Alex and Bobby's engagement; they couldn't look happier about the upcoming marriage of talent.

Jodie Eisenhardt
Jodie Eisenhardt

Wow - great news about Adam Garcia joining the team at Revival Market. I truly cannot wait for this place to open. Pretty sure I'll find an excuse to go at least once a day - ha!


On my first visit to the Tilted Kilted my friends and I were waited on by a young woman named "Peaches" who looked like she belonged at Treasures instead of serving beers in a plaid skirt and white shirt that looked like belonged to her 8 year old niece from Catholic school.

Still, it was cheaper than a strip club and the food was better...


Yeah, but you sorta missed the main attraction of Treasures, which is so good you kinda forget drink and food prices. I guess a *little* tease goes not so far in the marketplace....

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