Odd Pair: Gummy Bears and 4 Whites

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Somehow after all the Christmas gifts were exchanged and the giant mess of paper and tissue was removed and recycled, I found myself staring at a bag of Gummy Bears.

It was a lovely assortment of pale pink, ruby red, sky blue, and luscious green bears, and I suddenly found myself both hungry and thirsty.

I had a bottle of 2006 Cline Cellars Oakley 4 Whites ($10) that I had previously found stashed in the depths of the liquor cabinet, so I popped open the bottle, got to work on the candy animals, and relaxed for the first time in a long time.

If someone had said to me that there was a wine that would pair well with Gummy Bears, I probably would have scoffed. But this combination was eerily excellent. The wine was a lovely blend of Chardonnay, Palomino, Viognier, and Riesling grapes that harmonized into a smooth, white table wine with a crisp tartness and not too much acidity. It imbued the bears with a striking intensity as I chewed them slowly and even helped remove their sticky residue from my teeth.

It was a wonderful pairing that has inspired me to reexamine these once-loved candies from my childhood. And, of course, in the future I will again pair them with booze.

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Was there a gummy bear color/flavor that paired best? Worst? Inquiring minds want to know :)

Geri Harris
Geri Harris

There were some lovely vanilla undertones in the wine that made it pair best with the yellow pineapple-y bears. Worst would have to be the citrusy green, because it was just tart on tart, which didn't appeal to me.

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