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Being familiar with a wide range of foods, I don't often find myself exclaiming, "What the hell is that?" while walking through my neighborhood supermarket.

But that was my reaction when I spotted Noni Berry Snapple. More specifically, I thought, "What the hell is a noni berry?" For a second, I wondered whether Snapple's research and development department had been so bold as to completely fabricate its existence.

Turns out the noni berry -- green, lumpy and native to the Pacific islands -- is the new hot fruit. Like pomegranates, acai and goji berries, the noni berry is being touted for its antioxidant properties and probably will start showing up in smoothies, juices, and nutrition bars.

Right now, however, Snapple seems to have taken the lead in offering a drink entirely devoted to the noni berry. Randall's was advertising 16-ounce bottles for $1, so I picked one up this past Saturday morning to satisfy my curiosity about this trendy new super berry.

Cutesy pink Noni Berry Snapple contains 15 calories per 8 fluid ounces and 30 mg of caffeine, which means it packs a little more of a punch than your standard low-calorie diet juice. The taste is a cross between strawberries, lemons and kiwis. I liked its mild sweetness and imagine it would be pretty refreshing when the weather returns to being unbearably hot and sticky.

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There was (maybe still is) a pyramid scheme out there based on noni juice. The "company" touts its health benefits, claiming that it will do everything from clearing up acne to curing cancer. Total load of crap, but I got stuck in the very uncomfortable position of having a massage therapist use my entire 1-hour Swedish massage session to try to sell me on the concept. Worst massage I ever had.


Yeah I remember Noni juice being sold in Asian markets for at least a decade now, probably more.


Noni juice has been around for quite a while. I recall seeing it in specialty grocery stores like Hubble & Hudson for at least the last 2 years.

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