Comment of the Day: That Chicken

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Here at Eating Our Words, we know that when something disturbs the hell out of you, it's best to talk about it. We can thank John Seaborn Gray for the most recent image we'd like scrubbed from our brains - a terrifying, whole chicken covered in gelatinous goo slipping from a can. We'd like to commiserate with commenter Marie, who seems to suffer from similar issues:

Haha I could barely get past the canned chicken. I love how the picture on the can looks like Thanksgiving dinner, all browned and complete with stuffing and with "home-style goodness!" And then it looks like a rotting carcass coming out of the can.

Marie, maybe we should start a support group to get past this trauma. In the meantime, a cocktail might help us to temporarily forget...

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Woo hoo! I'm the dudette!


Your post made me laugh my ass off when I first read it which is why I went searching for a video on Youtube. Like anything in America if it can be eaten there's also a video.

I'm not sure what was nastier though, the actual chicken coming out of the can or the shit it's stewing in while holed up on the shelf. Watch that video.....

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