Comment of the Day: Rice Ideas Men Like

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Katharine Shilcutt posted an ad for rice featuring a woman who plans to introduce the unexpected into her serving her husband rice. But as commenter Rebecca Hadley pointed out, the ad doesn't mention the most important aspect of man-pleasing-through-rice:

Ah ... but it didn't say what she was wearing when she served it to him. From what I understand, that makes a great deal of difference to the mens.

But of course, Rebecca! Toss some rice with bacon and sour cream, don an apron and high heels, and then serve. Just make sure he does the dishes while you relax with your White Russian...

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Thursday Girl
Thursday Girl

Have you folks been peeking in my windows at dinnertime again? I'm whipping up a little bacon and rice (in my stilettos of course) at this very moment! We'll not speak of the sour cream, tho - that's best left to the imagination ...

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