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When Joanna O'Leary wrote that she didn't like admitting her love for Little Pappasito's, some commenters were angry, including csoakley, who wrote, "So for all of you foodies, you can all go to hell. I'm going to Pappasito's!!" But after some back and forth, csoakley decided to join the fun:

Fair enough. I will retract the fury but not the sentiment. If you like Pappasito's it's nothing to be ashamed of. In the spirit of bipartisanship and the era of good feeling we are now in, I'll play along.

My guilty pleasures are:

1.The McRib. The pinnacle of human achievement. The arc of mankind goes; walking upright, fire, printing press, electricity, man on the moon, McRib. It's all downhill from 1981. Don't believe me? Jersey Shore.
2. Jack in the Box egg rolls. They taste more like egg rolls than egg rolls.

On second thought, I'm not ashamed of either of those. I defend them proudly.

As you should, csoakley. But who among us will admit to watching Jersey Shore?

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CS Oakley sounds like a hottie! Is he single?


THIS is the comment of th day?

Oy vey.


I can't even watch previews for Jersey Shore. I refuse to feed into that funk nasty hot mess of a show. Yall should do a blog on top 5 things that make you lose your appetite. I'd vote that show as number 1.

Greg Burland
Greg Burland

As a tweny-nine year old, I've always contended that things have been going down hill since '81.

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