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Today Joanna O'Leary discussed an issue close to her heart, the difference between a cinnamon roll and a sticky bun, which inspired commenter Ziggy Smogdust to up the bizarre factor on EOW:

I can't ever think about sticky buns without thinking of one my favorite "The Young Ones" episodes. (Motorhead was the musical guest on this episode back in 1984, and they sang the "Ace of Spades.") Cue the video to about 4:50. The sticky bun "covered with human beings the size of amoebas" is actually an eclair.

We watched, and, um, yes, that is not a human-covered sticky bun, but a human-covered éclair. Which...gets consumed by an elephant. Well done, Ziggy.

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Farley Flavors
Farley Flavors

I once saw an interview with Lemmy in which he said that he became so sick of doing "Ace of Spades", for an entire year, when performing live, he sang "Eight of Spades" instead.

"Nobody noticed. Not even the rest of the band".


Young Ones reference FTW! Neil was my hero.

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