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Katharine Shilcutt had a bad experience at Royal Oak Bar & Grill this weekend and told us all about it. Lots of readers were outraged on her behalf, while others already had an issue with this place: the name. Said Montrosian:

I'm surprised no one has commented on the name. I think it's awful. Blah. Suburban. Not Montrose.

CMN chimed in:

Now I can only pray this isn't the beginning of a trend. As long as places like "Privilege" keep multiplying on Washington, hopefully we're safe and places like this will promptly fail in Montrose.

Privilege is waaaaay worse a name than Royal Oak, so Montrose has that going for it. What are some other name possibilities for Washington bars? Pretension, maybe? Prestige?

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Just call it what is: A Place to Drink for Douchebags and Hoes. And put the name in gleaming neon lights so that ther Jersey Shore wanna bes won't get lost and wander over to Montrose.


"and Hoes," yes.

Speaking of ladies of the night, my preferred place to drink with them is the Hilton Americas lobby bar. Just sharing.

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