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As Lennie Ambrose informed us, Chick-fil-A is offering free Spicy Chicken Biscuits this week. Lennie got his yesterday morning, and man, did it sound good. But commenter eatTX wrote in to remind us that while we may agree that a hot, buttery biscuit with spicy chicken sounds incredible right about now, we might not all agree with the causes the company supports:

Until Chick-fil-A stops supporting anti-gay hate groups, I WILL NOT be giving them any of my gay money!

Damn! Thanks for sharing, eatTX. Instead of Chick-fil-A, enjoy this nice White Russian.

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Ted Stickles
Ted Stickles

I'm all for gay right but Chick-fil-A is fucking delicious. Sorry.


If the biscuit is free, you aren't giving them money. You are taking money away from them and their causes.


WOW.... now a days who cares???????.... gay straight bi trans .... anything free is a a good vibe... from whoever... enjoy your life!

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