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Today the intrepid Katharine Shilcutt brought EOW readers something they didn't know was missing from their lives - the edible condom. And it was... horrifying. Commenter Houston Reader wasn't pleased:

I'm all for creating awareness of very serious causes but I do not need a dirty looking condom slapped on top of my meal. No thank you. They can keep that. That's like slapping a used needle on top of my food for diabetes awareness. Wtf?

We're going to have to agree with you, there, Houston Reader. Let's have a White Russian and forget the whole thing.

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Food follower
Food follower

...or it could bring new meaning to "that meal was orgasmic". Eeewe. So I wonder, is that what the FDA meant when they said to protect yourself from salmonella?

Jim bob
Jim bob

Yeah that was definitely a strange article, and really gives new meaning to "hold the sauce"


...if we drink a few more we could really forget the whole thing...and day. lol.

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