Alessi Spaccarelli Split Pea Soup

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I know, I know - the picture that accompanies this post doesn't exactly look appetizing. But c'mon, what split pea soup looks as delicious as it tastes?

I got a package of Alessi Spaccarelli Split Pea Soup in my stocking this Christmas (and no, that is not the food equivalent of coal). It is actually one in a line of dry Italian soups found at most grocery stores made by the good folks at Vigo.

On a recent chilly night, the wife and I didn't feel like going out or really cooking, so split pea soup it was.

The preparation was so simple, even a caveman could do it (assuming said caveman had discovered fire).

First, you boil water, and second, you stir in the dry soup and simmer for about 12 minutes.

Some elements were perfect, while others left something to be desired. For one thing, there were little dots of pasta throughout and they actually came out to a perfect al dente, which was a pleasant surprise. Also, the soup was really tasty, and it didn't have that canned-soup flavor.

On the negative side, it was just a bit too salty, and after a couple minutes resting on the stove after being cooked, it thickened a little too much, turning into more of a split pea stoup or a warm split pea dip of sorts. All in all, though, Linda Blair could throw up something much worse. I'd really like to get the Tuscan white bean in my stocking next year (hint, hint).

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Thanks a lot! I was always mystified about these soups and how to prepare them. I thought any liquid was fine and once added Sprite, another time pomegranate juice, and finally before giving up, a very fizzy doogh from Iran.

Maybe review the Lipton line of soups next? Heard the French Onion variety can even be used as a dip!


Ha Ha Ha. That was so funny, I forgot to laugh. Except for the first three ha's. I guess just send me a list and let us know what is acceptable, in your mind, for us to post about. Cheers!


The Coleman Cognoscento?Backpacking on Berber?

Something about the unexpected goodness of freeze-dried backpacking food cooked at home.


"The finest that a can can offer?"

From Spam to Sardines and Back Again: a Harry Chapin Circle of Joyous Eating!

How's that?


I know: What about heat 'n serve meals?Wait, nope, already been done here.

Maybe instant soups are the brave new frontier....

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