The Nation's BBQ Capital According to Google, and It Ain't Texas

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Last week, we showed you how Google has been actively tracking food and drink trends since at least 2004 and how 2010 was the year of pizza (at least according to your search patterns and the number of times people have Googled "Pizza Hut"). But that's not the only thing that Google Insight lets you track.

You can also track the popularity of certain search terms on a geographical basis. This is the same data that led to such hilarious discoveries as the fact that "men kissing" as a search term is most popular in highly conservative Utah.

So we decided to see how certain food terms are dispersed geographically, with some totally unsurprising results, save one: Texas is way, way down on the list when it comes to barbecue. According to Google, North Carolina is the barbecue capital of the nation.

Texas, I've never been more ashamed.

Now for the unsurprising results:

Poor boys are the sandwich of choice in Louisiana...

...while the Italian Beef has its stronghold up north in Illinois.

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