Comment of the Day: Burning Lady Edition

major award leg.jpeg
Jus' Mac seems to have a few fans, including one Christopher Keeble, who really, really disagreed with the mac and cheese establishment's inclusion in Katharine Shilcutt's "Most Disappointing Restaurant Openings of 2010" blog entry, writing, "I don't have enough words to say how wrong the Press is on this."

But then Keeble posted again, and made us chuckle:

"OK I just had to tackle my girlfriend in the driveway. Apparently the can of gasoline she hit me with was fuel for immolating herself in front of the Houston Press offices to protest the review of Jus' Mac."

You know, it's Friday. We don't really feel like exiting the building and seeing a lady burning. Just a personal preference, but still. So, Christopher Keeble, this leg lamp's for you.

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