Bread People

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If you want a quick tutorial in the breads and pastries of the world, look no further than Bread People on Tumblr. If you have ever wanted to sound cultured about chewy and flaky carbs at the next food event, just picture some of these famous faces in your head.

Bread People is an online picture project where people Photoshop breads and desserts of all sorts on the faces of celebrities, sports stars and political figures. They also change the celebs' names to denote the carb they're embodying. It's taught me that I know dick about breads and how many there really are.

I saw Bread People a few weeks back and wanted to keep it for myself. Benicio Del Churro, Ed Bagely Jr., Robert Brownie Jr., Wolf Blintzer, it was all too much. Have you seen that scandalous clip of Ryeley Ryerus smoking salvia out of a bong? It's banana nuts bread.

Enough of me, get to laughing you guys. If you're out and about, get me a BLT. Hold the Scott Mayo...




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