Readers, We Implore You: Help Us Make Chocolate Milk, The Good Stuff

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Chocolate Milk Pic 3.JPG
It's the promised land, all right.
When reading this next sentence please employ your best Jerry Seinfeld impression in your head: What's the deal with chocolate milk?

Frankly, I love the stuff. Tell me what is better than a super-ice-cold, store-bought bottle of sweetened liquid cocoa. Why did I put in, "store-bought," you ask? Ah ha, therein lies the problem.

I am asking for your help, EOW readers. Does anyone have suggestions on how to make chocolate milk that tastes like the pre-made kind from Nesquik or Oak Farms that you find at a quickie mart? And, don't say to just stir in some chocolate syrup or powder into a glass of milk. I've done it many, many times only to come away a disappointed milkman. It's just doesn't taste the same. I even Googled, "make chocolate milk at home that tastes like the store bought kind" and found nothing that satisfied.

So Houston, how now brown cow?

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