Brew Blog: What Guinness and Bud Light Have in Common

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That fancy Guinness is no more alcoholic than a Bud Light, bro.

A friend showed up to a party last weekend with a head start on the rest of us. Pointing to the Guinness Draught in his hand, he grinned and said, "This is number nine."

That severely impressed some partygoers, who assumed that Guinness' weight would make its booze content that much more potent. As our chart shows however, that is not the case.

Guinness Draught is in line with Bud Light in terms of the amount of booze it contains. If you ask us, that is the only similarity like how like how a Mustang and a Pinto are similar in that they're both automobiles.

Of course, downing nine bottles of Guinness is impressive because it's like mainlining a loaf of bread, but the high-alcohol misconception is worth disproving. The alcohol percentages were taken from

For a more scientific study (and a much more extensive list of brews), visit

Do you see anything else in the chart that surprises you?

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