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"MOOOOOOM! This breakfast tastes like clothes!"

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we freely and lasciviously mix in Corn Pops with our popcorn. Well, it's all over. Robb Walsh's countdown of his favorite 100 dishes in the greater Houston area has finished, and his favorite dish was universally accepted, with even those who disagreed doing so respectfully and with a heartfelt salute to all that Robb has done for Houston's foodie culture.

Ha ha, just kidding, this is the Internet! Everybody who disagreed cried like little bitches and howled that Robb was damaging the community by not picking their personal favorite. We had you going there for a second, didn't we?

The new yogurt shop Fruituzy fires fro-yo bullets at your face at the rate of 300 rounds per minute, and Woodford Reserve hosted a perfectly respectable and serious pairing event recently, so you know it was nothing like our own little parade of pairing insanity. Next time, maybe we should pair dishes like foie gras and braised pheasant with wines like the new $3 pennysaver special at Walgreens, the wine that made us ask "Holy hell, did they finally find a way to make wine out of malt liquor?"

We had a few Top 5 lists this week, including the top five edible food implements (bread bowl FTW), the top five food-related idioms (sadly our personal favorite "Well I'll be a pickled herring up a Dutchman's asshole" didn't make the list), and finally the most misunderstood article of the week, the top five delicious foods with disgusting ingredients. Kids! There's no Anglo-centrism or lily-livered disgust intended. We clearly state that the foods are delicious. We eat most of them on a regular basis, except for menudo, which we've always hated and would still hate even if it was made out of puppy kisses and sugar-dusted angel farts. It's just that the ingredients start off... a little on the unsavory side. That's all. Perhaps an adult literacy course is in order, Internet.

Aside from trying out some soft-shell crab legs, fried beef, and brisket in a basket, we managed to find the time to try out some environmentally-conscious booze, for when you need a truly guilt-free bender.

Houston got some much-deserved foodie kudos from Texas Monthly, and Voice started on the road towards revamping their image while remaining true to their roots.

If our spring roll food fight is too violent for you, comfort yourself with one of these squeezable sets of plush foods. If violence is right down your alley, you could go watch Ruthie bitch-slap the living shit out of an Anonymous Internet Tough Guy over at her article on Angela's Oven. Good Lord, was that ever satisfying.

Robb Walsh's new graphic novel-style book is available! It's the Dark Knight Returns of Tex-Mex!

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Very interesting topic, though not for the faintest of hearts. This one gives a big break to the otherwise not so interesting food served on the table that deserves a second glance. Way to go. In reality, what makes the food on the table interesting is the stories behind. Don't you think so?

Carmela Lee from

Étagère design 


Very informative, though quite a bit rough on those who have the faintest of hearts, your topic on the top 5 delicious food with disgusting ingredients, added a little excitement and curiosity to the usual food being served on the table. The story behind is actually more interesting, don't you think so?

Carmela Lee from Étagère design

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