Stuffed Cotton Food From IKEA

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An IKEA bestseller. Will plush foods be next?
What's the best way to prevent childhood obesity? Give your kids FAKE FOOD!
IKEA, the company responsible for such creepy stuffed toys as the Famnig Hjärta, that bestselling heart pillow with human arms and hands, will expand their popular Duktig children's line in 2011 to include plush, fabric stuff to eat for your little food fanatic-in-training. Pricing not available at this time.

I predict a bestseller, as it will be washable and won't cause damage when it's inevitably launched across the room at you, siblings or pets. I'll even admit to using the zoom feature to get a close up of that adorable little stuffed bacon. Bacon's bacon, dammit.

But the toys will have different meanings for food nerds and people who don't know or care what a "throwdown" is. The toys, and their meaning for different customers, after the jump.


If you're raising an average child, this is: Breakfast.

If you're raising a "foodie," this is: Baby's First Brunch Set. Includes hand-cut sourdough with fresh prosciutto and mozzarella, heirloom lettuce and thinly sliced vine-ripened tomato, gingerbread pancakes with fresh seasonal topping, farm-fresh free range eggs, natural cased sausage, and apple wood smoked maple bacon.

If you're raising an average child, this is: Vegetable Basket.

If you're raising a "foodie," this is: An Organic Local Farmer's Market Seasonal Variety Set, subject to the whims of Mother Nature, precipitation and pests. Includes woven hemp basket.



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