Top 10 Places to Eat in the Oak Forest (and Inwood Forest) Area

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Barbecue Inn
4. Barbecue Inn (116 West Crosstimbers) There's much ado about this place, and for good reason. With the best waitresses in town as well as colossal fried chicken, shrimp and some homemade ranch dressing, this place will hush your hankering for comforting classics the moment you step inside.

3. Pho Dalat (7758 West Tidwell)
Admittedly, the pho is not the best around. The joy of Pho Dalat is in the vermicelli dishes. The chargrilled pork atop the bed of noodles is the tastiest we've found to date, and the lemongrass chicken puts others to shame. There's also an entire selection of family-style meals, with dishes like jellyfish salad, catfish in salted caramel sauce and squid with preserved vegetables.

2. Café Red Onion (12440 Northwest Freeway)
If you've tried the Chicken Brazil, there's no further explanation needed. If you haven't, go try it. Today. Café Red Onion has interesting dishes outside the realm of everyday Tex-Mex for reasonable prices. And everything we've ever had here is delicious.

1. Daddyo's Pizza (5009 Antoine)
There's something about the New York-style crust here that leaves us clamoring for words. There's no earth-shattering combinations, no fancy ingredients like smoked salmon or arugula, just good, old-fashioned, handmade pizza pies with toppings like pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, onions and all that good stuff. Also, it's possibly the only spot in the area that's not a chain, and that counts for something.

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So...why not Plonk? You guys seem to insist, mistakenly, that it's in Garden Oaks, but it is definitely in Oak Forest. It's the best restaurant we've got, so it should definitely be on the list. I saw you guys list it as being in Garden Oaks recently on another Best of... list, and now this...GET A MAP!  

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