Houston's Hottest Chef: Voting Is Now Open

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Thankfully, none of our nominees look like this.
We've carefully combed through the 100 plus comments from last week's post and compiled the top five male and top five female chefs you nominated as Houston's hottest chef.

We combed through our own photo archives and -- occasionally -- the chef's Facebook or Twitter pages to come up with the photos you see below. We didn't want the chefs who were nominated to run off and get Glamour Shots done, after all.

Our nominees are listed on the following pages in alphabetical order, ladies first. After you've read through all the nominees, leave your vote for Houston's hottest chef in the comments section below.

Please leave one vote for the hottest female chef and/or one vote for the hottest male chef. (Multiple votes from the same IP addresses will be deleted, so play fair.) And, as usual, any nasty or disparaging comments will be swiftly deleted.

The ballot box/comments section will close on Monday, May 31, at midnight, so get those votes in while you can! And stay tuned next week when we start counting down the winners.

Lisa Carnley, Calliope's Po-Boys

Jody Flood, Jodycakes

Monica Pope, t'afia

Megan Silk (center), Feast

Jamie Zelko, Zelko Bistro

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