Warm Weather Drinking: Caipirinha

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Now that warm weather has made its presence known throughout Houston, the natural flocking of the masses to outdoor activities and patio drinking is underway. A tangy, tropical drink to get you in the mood for the future sweatfest to ensue in the following months is a Brazilian caipirinha.

Original recipe:

*Note: you're going to need a muddler

1.5 oz. cachaça (easily found at Spec's)
1 lime, quartered or cut into smaller chunks
2-3 tsp superfine sugar
Splash of water or club soda

Muddle half the lime and all the sugar together. Squeeze the remaining lime segments into a rocks glass filled with ice. Pour the cachaça over the ice and lime juice in the glass, pour in the muddled sugar and limes, fill with club soda or water and mix with a spoon. To make a pitcher, multiply recipe by 4 or 5.


Substitute pineapple, cucumber and strawberries for one half of the lime
Substitute passion fruit pulp for lime
Muddle a small amount of fresh herbs (mint for a Brazilian mojito, or basil for a touch of anise flavor)

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