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If you were ever a fan of Sex and the City, you may recall the episode from season four in which the women recount their "secret single behavior" -- the things each of them did when their boyfriends, lovers or husbands weren't around. Carrie admitted that hers was standing around in the kitchen, reading fashion magazines and eating a stack of Saltines layered with grape jelly.

Single or not, many of us have strange snacking habits, the kind we might not readily admit to but crave regularly. Some may be rooted in childhood--a beloved after-school snack, perhaps, or a quirky snack habit inherited from a parent or grandparent. Others, like my own personal need to occasionally buy a box of Lucky Charms and eat repeated milk-soaked bowls of its magical deliciousness, can be attributed to a past relationship or roommate (in this case, a boyfriend from my freshman year of college).

Palates are particular, and one appetite's treasure -- Fritos & peanut butter, anyone? --may be another's trash. Brewer's yeast sprinkled on air-popped popcorn? My friend Courtney swears by it. Leftover cornbread drowned in buttermilk and eaten out of a mug with a spoon? One of my partner Jill's favorite indulgences. Cool Whip and roasted peanuts? My mom's own personal heaven. Tortilla chips sprinkled generously with sugar? Rebecca draws stares at Tex-Mex restaurants every time.

Here are some of the stranger results yielded by a completely unscientific and anecdotal Twitter pool; please do add your own, or tell on somebody else.

  • whipped cream, cranberry sauce and black olives (this is a holiday season-only treat, apparently)

  • pretzel sticks dipped in a tub of icing

  • honey on French fries

  • pickled okra and Blue Bell vanilla ice cream

  • banana and American cheese

  • ramen with pickles on the side

  • pickled herring and potato chips

  • peanut butter, soy sauce and Corn Chex

  • Oreos and Easy Cheese

  • a bowlful of popcorn with a bag of M&Ms dumped in

  • molten PB&J pressed by an iron (a college memory of Vic & Anthony's Executive Chef Carlos Rodriguez

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     M&M's on potato chips (Speaking of those little gems, I remember stuffing some inside of a grilled cheese once with mild success) Cheez-Its and Oreos, just the chocolate cookie part, though. Potato chip sandwich which would just be chips and a slice of bread Lazy girl's french toast; a piece of toast drizzled with maple syrup. Wendy's chicken nuggets dipped in frosty. Whipped cream and saltines. That's all I can think of right now. Not the craziest of combinations, but ah well.

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