Riddle Me This

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This is a tough one ya'll...What has:

  • Ego overload;

  • Awkward, obvious dubbed-over video (at times);

  • Shameless product placements of Toyotas, Whole Foods and now bands like The Bravery;

  • Ridiculous food challenges: using gas station ingredients to cook a gourmet meal;

  • An annoying yet addictive quality;

  • Lots of money to give to charity;

  • No sign of our Hometown Hero/Chef, Monica Pope?
  • Yep, you got it, last night's episode of Top Chef Masters on Bravo was full of the same old tricks we usually get with the generic Top Chef, but now with more conceit and a prize going to charity instead of the cheftestants. Last night, as we waited to catch a glimpse of our hometown gal, Monica Pope, our hopes were dashed about halfway through the Quickfire Challenge, when we realized - thanks to Twitter - that her episode airs next Wednesday. Look for her Wednesday, April 14, on Bravo at 9 p.m. Go Monica!

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