Late Night Scene: Dollar Beer Night and Hot Dogs at Cecil's

We recently went to Cecil's on West Gray to indulge in dollar Lone Star Monday. We always forget that whenever a bar has cheap beer nights, the crowds are thick and it's hard as hell to get a beer. The trick is to order six at a time (thanks Andy).

Imagine the crowd that dollar-beer night attracts -- freaks, geeks, gutter punks, bike kids, sleaze balls, metal heads, stoners and every other riff-raff Houston has to offer. Actually, it was really fun, and somehow they never ran out of Lone Star Beer. Now if some dive bar would just have nickel Miller High Life Night (hint, hint). That might be illegal.

The grill lady was awesome, cooking with charcoal -- not gas, but charcoal - and grilling up tacos, sausages and burgers. And she had all the condiments in the world for whatever sick combination your drunk ass might want. We even saw her obliging a patron by putting mayonnaise on a chicken taco.

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