Coffee Review: Has Bean's Farmer Direct Bolivia Machacamarca

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2010-03-19 07.26.16.jpg
The UK coffee crowd has been gaining momentum for quite some time now, and we were lucky enough to get to sample this gem from Has Bean, a coffee-roasting and home-brewing supply company out of Stafford, UK.

The Bolivia Machacamarca washed coffee was the end result in a relationship Has Bean made with farmers Maria and Mario Nina Lupe del Rosario Andrade of Bolivia, with the representatives of the roasting company flying there to give the coffee a try firsthand. Has Bean describes the Bolivian Machacamarca as rich, deep chocolate with a slight green grape acidity, which we ended up describing as peach, with a spicy and clean finish.

This coffee has really struck a chord with the roaster, who claims it is his favorite coffee to date. We are finding it hard to disagree with that statement.

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