10 Deceptively Easy Dishes

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6. Roasted Chicken:

The only moderately difficult thing about roasting a chicken is trussing the poor bird. But if you can tie your shoes (you don't still wear velcro shoes, right?), then you can handle it. Once you have a basic roasted chicken recipe down pat -- which shouldn't take more than once or twice -- you can switch it up as you see fit, such as incorporating herbs into a fat chunk of butter and putting that between the skin and the flesh, or stuffing the chicken with fennel bulbs and fresh rosemary.

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7. Coq au Vin:

Simple doesn't always mean quick. That's especially true in the case of the classic French dish coq au vin. But although it can be somewhat time-consuming (this isn't a quick weeknight dinner, for sure), the end result is well worth the effort. Remember to blanch your bacon first and it's a nice, steady downhill slope from that point on. This recipe is a great starting point, and the poetically beautiful and simply delicious dish will make your dinner guests feel extra special, especially if you serve some of the same wine that you used for braising the chicken with your meal.

8. Boeuf Bourguignon:

If you can make coq au vin, you can make boeuf bourguignon. The same principle applies here -- braising meat in wine -- and the results are no less spectacular. Although Julia Child's recipe is the standard-bearer in this area, there exists a far easier and faster (yet still tasty) recipe that the New York Times dug up not long ago. Try it out this weekend and you'll fancy yourself a graduate of the Cordon Bleu in no time.

9. Truffles:

These truffles are so good that they will be consumed -- every last one of them -- within five minutes of putting them out for your company. You've been warned. And if you want to give them the recipe, you can, but isn't it more fun to keep this little secret to yourself? All that's in these delectable little bites are crushed Oreo cookies, cream cheese and melted chocolate (Almond Bark is recommended here). Even your kids can make these, they're so easy. But your impressed dinner guests will never have to know...

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10. Molten Chocolate Cake:

It's quickly becoming a staple on restaurant dessert menus, as the sight of chocolate oozing richly out of the tiny cake is impressive to kids and adults alike. But the amusing thing about molten chocolate cake is that it's basically a half-baked cake, which anyone can throw together. This excellent step-by-step recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks (with photos) shows you how. Serve with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream, and this dessert will be an extraordinary endcap to even the simplest of meals.

What are your favorite easy-yet-impressive recipes? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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i would propose ceviche as number 11...simple, tweak-friendly and oh so trendy.

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