The Top 10 Places to Eat on Long Point

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Enchiladas del Julio
3. Tacos del Julio
8203 Long Point

What to try: More interior Mexican at its best, this time straight from Monterrey. Tacos del trompo are king here, but don't miss the taquitos de vapor, enchiladas del Julio and the one-two punch of a pirata taco and a gringa taco.

Tacos de cabeza y orejas
2. Taqueria El Ultimo Antoine at Long Point

What to try there: This taco truck stationed in a car wash parking lot is the best on Long Point and our second favorite in the city (behind El Tacambaro on Airline). It's also one of the few with a waitress (on busy weekends only). The tacos de barbacoa and de chicharron never disappoint. The adventurous should try the truly tasty cabeza de res and the orejas.

1. Vieng Thai
6929 Long Point

What to try there: Our favorites are the pad see ew, som tum, tom yum, pad prik paow and massamun curry. Widely recognized as the best Thai restaurant in town, there isn't an item on the menu that's not amazing.

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Enchiladas de Julio: big disappointment. I don't get it.

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