The Top 10 Places to Eat on Long Point

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There's more to Long Point than just taco trucks...
As more development and activity pushes consumers north of the Katy Freeway -- such as the giant new shopping center and mega H-E-B at Bunker Hill, the push from MetroNational to create a "Memorial City"-branded area around Gessner, the eternally popular IKEA at Antoine and the soon-to-be-facelifted Marq*E Entertainment Center at Silber -- people are rediscovering the neighborhoods and restaurants of Spring Branch.

Below are ten of our favorite spots when we're in the area. And the best thing about these restaurants? Not only are they diverse, exciting and delicious, they're some of the cheapest spots in town.

10. Nam Gang
1411 Gessner

What to try there: Korean barbecue with a side of Jinro, the most popular brand of soju (distilled liquor similar to, but sweeter than, vodka) in Korea.

Photo by Danburg Murmur
Bulgogi on the grill at Seoul Garden
9. Seoul Garden 9446 Long Point

What to try there: Bulgogi, kimchee and hae-do-bop. Although they also offer sushi and sashimi, there's better in town. Stick with the Korean food.

8. Flea Market in the Long Point Plaza Shopping Center
Pech at Long Point

What to try there: Work your way to the very back and get one of the best micheladas in town. Pick up a few $4 bootleg copies of Avatar and Sherlock Holmes on your way out.

Photo by oceandesetoiles
7. La Pupusa Loca 8559 Long Point

What to try there: It's in the name. Pupusas. The revueltas or de loroco are our favorite, but the empanadas are pretty good too.

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