A Tour of Kegg's Candy Factory

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We were driving down Westpark the other day in the office park no-man's land of Houston when we noticed the Kegg's candy factory. The marquee read "Daily Tours." We didn't know much about Kegg's, so we called the factory when we got home. The young lady who took our call, Brandy, informed us the factory was open for "self tours." Self tours, no way! Willy Wonka would never have allowed this. We asked her if they had any caramel apples available, and she told us that they were all out. But she also said customers could call in orders, and Kegg's would make the apples to order. We put our order in and headed over.

Before you envision Everlasting Gobstoppers and crazy factory owners doing cartwheels - Kegg's factory is kinda small, and the employees are of average height and hue. That's okay, they make crazy delicious caramel apples and even have chocolate-covered Nutter Butters. As for the self tour, it consists of one long hallway with windows that allow you to peer into the little factory of people making handmade candies. It was still worth the visit, even if there was no Wonka Vision or TV dinner-flavored gum...

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Where are you, Oompa-Loompas?

Hiding behind these boxes?

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