You Buy We Fry at Hank's

The two people in line in front of us at Hank's Fish on Lockwood in the Fifth Ward were having a lover's quarrel. She wanted the sea trout and he wanted the catfish, and neither showed any signs of yielding. "What's wrong with catfish?" he kept saying. But I was on her side. Sea trout has a lot more flavor, if you ask me. Hank's also had some redfish available.

This place has some of the best deals on fried fish we've seen in a while. Two filets of trout and six shrimp with french fries and salad set us back all of $5.10. Three fish filets and fries was $3.79. And the family order of 10 fish filets and 15 shrimp was only $16. All of this and a great Buddhist shrine too.

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