Purple Kohlrabi

I grabbed some fresh purple kohlrabi at the Last Organic Outpost community garden last Saturday. There's lots of kohlrabi in the farmer's markets this time of year. It's a cold-weather vegetable that's related to cabbage and much beloved by Eastern Europeans (my people). Kalarabeleves is the name of a traditional Hungarian chicken and kohlrabi soup that you might want to try to make with your kohlrabi. There's also an elegant cream of kohlrabi soup that's occasionally found in fancy restaurants.

I mixed a little grated kohlrabi with grated watermelon radish and mayonnaise to a make a one-serving salad, it was pretty damn good. But there are lots more interesting recipes out there. Kohlrabi, cabbage-and-apple slaw, sounds like a good combination. And I like the idea of mixing kohlrabi, daikon and carrots with a wasabi dressing for a Japanese spin.

What's Monica Pope doing with her kohlrabi?

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