This Is Why You're Fat: Now In Convenient Book Form!

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Back in February, we lauded one of our favorite food websites -- This Is Why You're Fat -- for bringing such monstrosities like the Corn Dog Pizza to our attention and for bringing the Deep Fried Mars Bar into the collective consciousness (we couldn't bear to be the only ones familiar with that abomination). And now, like so many other popular single-topic websites -- Stuff White People Like and Fuck You, Penguin are just two examples -- it's been turned into a book.

This Is Why You're Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks hit the shelves on October 27, making it a perfect Christmas purchase for your loved ones who also love pork and shame (yes, we're already talking Christmas over here -- deal with it). The book contains more than just photos of the calorie-laden creations, though. Unlike the website, it also features recipes and backstories on many of the photos.

Thumbing through the copy that hit our desks this week, we've already found a few new favorites that we don't recall being featured on the website and a few that will haunt our nightmares. Some of the highlights of the book are below.

Most Creative Culinary Abomination: Snack Stadium

Try this at your next party -- Superbowl is just around the corner! -- and you're guaranteed to end up splashed on all your friends' Flickr accounts and Facebook pages the next day. After they've recovered from the sodium overdose, that is.

Most Egregious Use of Bacon: The Porkgasm

The Porkgasm isn't the nastiest bacon/pork-based creation we've ever seen (that "honor" belongs to the thoroughly disgusting Meat Hand), but it ranks pretty high up there. Bacon deserves better than this.

Could Not Pay Us To Consume: Slim Jim Shooters

It already contains two of our least favorite ingredients in the world: Slim Jims and vodka. Just add self-loathing and despair and you're sitting on a dirty mattress in a Motel 6 in Atascocita, wondering what went wrong with your life while you shoot heroin under your toenail and pass out watching Maury.

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