Tacos, Tits and Ass on Richmond

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tiempo (2).JPG
The sign says it all.

If you're looking for a live-action version of Tony Stamolis's new book T&T&A here in Houston, look no further than El Tiempo.

Formerly the Pink Pussycat Cabaret, El Tiempo's closest neighbor offers free admission for those in the grips of a taco-chica love triangle.

Strangely, El Tiempo is pretty high-class as far as tacos go. The crowd is decidedly not of the strip club variety, and the menu is a little pricey even when you're not ordering your fajitas with optional lobster or quail.

Maybe that's why the girls next door felt the need to class it up a notch and change the name to the Diamond Club, but whether one establishment merely tolerates the other or they're in cahoots, it's clear from the proximity of the sign to El Tiempo's main entrance that they both know they're on to something, playing off Houston's baser instincts.

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