Tacos & Tits & Ass: Bizarre Love Triangle

Photos by Tony Stamolis
This is just about the safest image from T&T&A that we can show you on the front page.

​There's food porn -- teasing photographs of donuts glistening with a fresh coat of glaze, artfully arranged plates looking like architectural plans, footage of cakes being frosted as the icing is skillfully stroked across each plump layer -- and then there's food porn. Real food porn. With extreme emphasis on the porn.

Although, to be fair, Tony Stamolis' upcoming book -- T&T&A, which will be available in March 2010 -- is more in the food erotica category. This isn't hard-core food porn by any means, nor is it vaguely disturbing soft-core food porn like this Aria Giovanni shoot (warning: that link is extremely NSFW). Instead, Stamolis explores the warm, amber worlds of sunlight-tinted erotica and corn tortilla-tinted tacos -- each world with its own rainbow of ingredients and flavors.

Thumbing through the book, we began to notice a pattern emerging among the dozens of photos of mostly-naked women and tacos splayed open on styrofoam plates. Whether by conscious effort or not, the women and the tacos seem to match -- the reddish-orange tiles behind one model echoing the fiery color of the annatto-hued cochinita pibil on the adjacent page, the tangle of lettuce and shredded cheese on opened tacos mirroring the focus of the slightly spread legs of a young woman -- and a strange sort of joy enveloped us as we watched the two worlds blur satisfyingly together.

Below are a few of our favorite shots from T&T&A, which Stamolis describes as a "mission to document the 'other' California -- not the airbrushed celebs of Beverly Hills or those slick Silicon Valley VCs, but a world that is lo-fi and lustier: a world of scorchingly sexy women and gut-wrenching Mexican street food." We approve.

Warning: The rest of this post is NSFW -- not safe for work (or wives, probably).

A lovely Dita look-a-like with a taco de pollo.

We would kill for the drapes behind this model.

We had to crop this one just above the fun part. It's for your own good. Buy the book if you want to see the whole enchilada.

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