Donut Patrol: Ich Bin Ein Bismark

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The Bavarian cream-filled Bismark is the thing to get at Daily Donut on Barker Cypress just north of 290. The cream-filled donut there was delicious, while the raised donut was stale and lame. Though Daily Donut calls this a Bismark, some would disagree with both the usage and the spelling. Exactly what is or isn't a Bismark is one of those pastry pilpuls that you could spend the rest of the week arguing about.

In the Midwest, any jelly or cream-filled doughnut is a Bismarck (with a "C"). In Massachusetts, the cream-filled pastries are called Boston cream doughnuts. In much of Germany, these are called Berliners, and they look more like the Polish pascky. In Berlin, they are called pfannkuchen. And no, John F. Kennedy didn't call himself a jelly doughnut when he said "Ich bin ein Berliner." That's an urban legend. His German usage was correct.

Where do you go to eat a Bismark?

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