Hot Hopia Baboy

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If you've been looking for a place to get hot, freshly baked Filipino pastries, your search has ended. Sammy's Bakery at 11331 Bissonnet St. is turning out hot hopia baboy every day. Hopia baboy is a lard crust stuffed with a sweet bread crumb and lard filling. Hopia mongo is a similar crust stuffed with a sweet bean paste. The bean paste version was a huge hit at my house, where it was compared to some favorite dim sum items. Which makes sense, since the recipe for Filipino hopia originated in China.

Sammy's Bakery also provides the many African restaurants and markets on this part of Bissonnet with fresh baked sweet bread loaves. The African dish called peanut suya, made with cooked beef topped with crushed chiles and powdered peanuts, is also available starting in the late afternoon. Better get there early, it sells out fast.

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