Donut Patrol: You Tiao at Classic Kitchen

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Dip your you tiao (Chinese doughnuts) in your dou jiang (warm, sweetened soy milk) at Classic Kitchen in the 9888 Bellaire shopping center near Beltway 8. This is probably the most popular place in the city for a Taiwanese-style breakfast. It's also a great place to eat dumplings, tofu soup and an omelet with green onions. And the noodles are served in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Don't expect a lot of help from the waitstaff here -- they are notoriously grumpy. You'll find the you tiao listed as "fried long bread" in the English section of Classic Kitchen's menu. It sells for $1.20 an order. While these Chinese crullers are usually eaten for breakfast with the rice porridge called congee or with hot soy milk, they are made from a dough that isn't sweetened, so don't be surprised if your doughnuts taste salty.

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