Breakfast in BissBeechistan

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Photos by Robb Walsh
My friend Jay Francis refers to the neighborhood west of Beltway 8 between Bissonnet and Beechnut as BissBeechistan because of the excellent Pakistani restaurants found in the area. La Sani is the most famous of the bunch. But Francis is extremely fond of King's Chicken on Beechnut for the fried chicken, excellent Afghani-style naan and wacky pizza.

The #1 breakfast at King's Chicken sells for five bucks. It consists of choey, which is Lahore slang for chickpea (chana) masala, aloo ki tarkari (potato curry) and the sweetened wheat cereal called halva. There is a help-yourself urn of chai in the dining room. I ordered paratha bread on the side, which was a mistake. The parartha bread is very heavy. I should have got the naan, which sells for a mere 75¢.

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