Eggs Blindfolded

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Photo by Robb Walsh
Poaching eggs is a pain, and I don't like the vinegar flavor that usually comes with them. So I started using a technique that I first heard about at the Nighthawk restaurant when I was in college. They didn't serve poached eggs at the Nighthawk. If you asked, the waitress would suggest that you order "eggs blindfolded" instead.

To make these semi-poached eggs, the cook would start a fried egg on the griddle and then drop a couple of pieces of ice around it and cover it with one of those steel domes with the hole in the middle that were used to keep a plate of food warm. The result is an egg that's flat, but tastes poached.

It's easy to do at home -- just use a large frying pan with a lid. Try these blindfolded eggs over some cheese grits for breakfast and see if you don't like them better than poached.


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