Café Cubano's Cuban Sandwich

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Photos by Robb Walsh
At Café Cubano, 9411 Richmond, the pre-made Cuban sandwiches are kept in the refrigerator. When you order one, the counter person heats it in the microwave and then puts it on the sandwich press. I drank a cortadito (sweet espresso) while I waited. Café Cubano's Cuban sandwich sells for $5; a cortadito is $1.

I was a little skeptical of the cooking method, but the results were impressive. The cheese was melted through, the crust of the roll had a nice texture, the roast pork was tasty, and the ham slices were thick. I put the sandwich on the scale before I ate it -- it came in around 11 ounces.

For the sake of comparison, I bought a Cuban sandwich from the El Rey Taqueria location at I-10 near Bunker Hill. El Rey's Cuban sandwich cost $5.75. It felt skimpy. According to my scale, it weighed around 9 ounces.

Looks like Café Cubano is my new Cuban sandwich spot.

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