The Soda Fountain That Time Forgot

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Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
Driving by Huston's Drugs on Washington Avenue, it's easy to miss the small drugstore despite its royal blue, fantastically retro sign. Although the drugstore closed down sometime in the mid-1990s -- forsaking its soda fountain and all its other contents to the ravages of time -- not much had changed inside the little place prior to that point. The shelves don't appear to have been restocked since at least the 1980s, and most of the paraphernalia inside looks even older than that.

A peek inside the mid-century building reveals a look at exactly what one would imagine when thinking of a 1950s-era drugstore and soda fountain: a long counter on one side, lined with stools and bright silver machines that once operated under the trained hand of a soda jerk; a pharmacy section in the rear, its shelves lined with amber-colored bottles with metal screw caps; aisles in the middle of the store stocked with all manner of merchandise, from hair cream and earrings to books and children's toys. All of it is now yellowed with age and covered with a downy layer of dust, but it's all oddly intact and painfully lonely inside the derelict store.

According to the sleuthsters on HAIF, Huston's Drugs is currently owned by the Gantt family, which inherited the property from their mother, Lois, when she passed away in 2007. Lois Gantt inherited the drugstore herself in the mid-1980s and appears to have given up keeping the small store alive just a decade later.

After the jump, take a look inside the soda fountain that time forgot.

Huston's has all your perfume and shaving needs met...

They also have the newest Tom Clancy bestseller, Clear and Present Danger.

The dormant soda fountain and the Super Garcia burger "with everything!"

The milkshake glasses are still sitting neatly behind the soda fountain.

Pictures of someone's children wait patiently by the register outside Dr. Q. Rumph's office.

Wonder if there are still any 3 Musketeers left in that box...

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