Five Reasons You Must Visit The Path of Tea

I love exploring this city and discovering new food-related things to talk about. Why, oh why then hadn't I discovered The Path of Tea, this treasure of a place, when it first opened three years ago? I'm going to dispense with the usual verbage and just list a few of the reasons why you should run, not walk, to check this place out.

1. Soothing music and a great ambience.

2. The best chocolate chip pistachio cranberry cookie in Houston.


3. Chocolate chai, lemon curd and pumpkin cupcakes. And they have delicious truffle-like cakeballs that you need to try.


4. When you order your tea, you get to choose your mug.

5. A big selection of teas from which to choose: caffeinated and non-caffeinated, herbal, and rooibos. I enjoyed an Assam coconut tea and bought a bag of organic ginger/citrus green roiboos to go. The small pot of tea is only $4.00.

-- Jay Francis

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