Your New Eco-Friendly Water Transportation Device

Photos by Jay Francis

The recent article on water in Houston prompted me to tell you about some choices you have if you're ready to kick the plastic-bottle habit and help reduce landfill.

I bought an entry level distiller at Sears as I don't really like the taste of Houston water. The distiller does an excellent job of removing the salts and minerals that I dislike. I use one-liter glass bottles with relocking tops to store the water. You could pay around $6 for these around town, but a better way is to stock up on the new eco-friendly 360 brand of vodka. It's currently a bargain at Spec's at $16. Go on a maritini binge and get a perfect water transport device when you're done with the good stuff inside.

But there are other options. Whole Foods, Sur La Table, Wilderness Equipment and REI all carry lighter versions in stainless steel or aluminum for around $12 to $30. Check out these cool bottles at Whole Foods.

Photos by Jay Francis

Or these stainless steel versions, also at Whole Foods.

Photos by Jay Francis

My personal vote (after glass) is stainless steel because it is less reactive to acids and caustics such as coffee, pineapple juice and dishwasher liquids. -- Jay Francis

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