Beer Here: Saturdays at Saint Arnold’s

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Photo by Robb Walsh

There’s a $5 tour every Saturday afternoon at Saint Arnold’s brewery. The doors open at one and the price of admission also gets you a beer glass and four tokens good for filling it up. The picnic tables inside are first come, first served. Lots of beer lovers bring food and camp out for the afternoon--despite the fact that there is no A/C!

I took the tour and quaffed a quick one, but it was too toasty for me to hang around. Before I left, I gave the rest of my tokens to a guy holding a bag of sandwiches while he waited in a long line for more beer. Turns out he drove all the way from College Station to hang out at Saint Arnold’s. And he said he had taken the tour half a dozen times before.

It’s a popular thing to do. A volunteer working security told me that the tour gets an average of 550 people every weekend. -- Robb Walsh

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