Spam Musubi at Aloha Grill on Westheimer

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The Spam musubi at Aloha Grill will change your mind about canned luncheon meat.
The succulent Spam musubi at Aloha Grill, the new Hawaiian restaurant on Westheimer, features a slice of Spam that’s been sautéed in a little teriyaki sauce on top of a rectangular raft of sushi rice secured with a large sheet of nori. My lunchmate was disgusted by the sight of it, but once she gave it a try, her attitude changed dramatically. In fact, she wolfed the whole thing and wanted another one.

Spam musubi is a Hawaiian invention, and its incredibly popular all over the islands. Convenience stores in Hawaii sell the warm Spam sushi as a quick breakfast or convenient portable lunch.

Why is Spam so popular in Hawaii? I have given a lot of thought to this subject.The best explanation I can up with is that Spam tastes really good with poi.

The Spam musubi at Aloha Grill goes for $1.45. I asked the people behind the counter why they didn’t sell the signature Hawaiian dish, loco moco. It’s a pile of rice topped with a burger patty, fried eggs and cream gravy. They said it wasn’t on the menu yet, but they might start serving loco moco as a lunch special. We’ll keep you posted. – Robb Walsh

Aloha Grill, 11805 Westheimer, 832-379-8883

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