Wait, So You're Supposed to Tip?

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No longer featuring Lu Ann wages.
Luby's, the Houston-based hotspot for late-in-life, early-to-bed diners, recently agreed to pay out $366,864 in back wages to 1,680 current and former waiters, cashiers and checkers.

Apparently there was some funny business going on with tip-pooling that, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Labor, resulted in some folks not even getting paid minimum wage.

"The Department of Labor is committed to enforcing the law to ensure that employees receive the wages they have rightfully earned," said Cynthia Watson, Wage and Hour southwest regional administrator. "In this case, the employer's practice of 'tip-pooling' left workers paid below the minimum wage. This is illegal."

Still no word on why the heck they make you get your receipt in one place and pay somewhere else. — Keith Plocek

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