The Best Pot-Related Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

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Hey, so you know how pot is legal in some states, but totally not in Texas? Yeah, well, we're not only missing out on those fancy tax dollars, but we're also missing out on some serious business opportunities.

When surveying the dismal unemployment numbers, it may seem a thing of the past, and you may be right -- for your state, anyway. But if you happen to reside in one of the states where pot is legal, job growth is actually a pretty common thing.

You see, folks, when you stop policing an entire plant like cannabis, and allow for it to be legally bought and sold instead, this magical thing happens -- new businesses start to appear -- and new jobs spring forth all willy-nilly. Crazy, I know, but it happens.

And those new businesses and new jobs are happening all over places like Colorado and Washington. Take, for instance, the grow shop. Don't know what that is? Well, it's the place where pot is legally cultivated, from seedling to massive plant. Those shops need folks to keep 'em running.

Or how about the medical aspect of pot? Yep, you guessed it. Medical professionals are needed to diagnose and prescribe, and office staff goes hand in hand with that type of business. So you don't even have to be a medical doctor to land a job in medical marijuana; you just have to be able to set appointments or file paperwork.

But as great as those jobs sound, there are even better ones to be had in the pot industry. Don't believe us? See below. But be careful; the word "budtender" may accidentally blow your mind.

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The Top 10 XXX Places to Party in Houston

Photo by BinaryApe via flickr

Oh, stop side-eyeing us, you guys. Everyone needs this list, don't they? You may not need it now, but trust us. One day you'll be glad you printed it out and hid it under the mattress for safe-keeping.

We're not going to say much more on this one. We all know the purpose of this list, and yes, you're welcome for it. Here are the top 10 XXX places to party in Houston.

Just make sure to park around back, will ya? We don't need to know more about you than we already do.

10. Adult Mega Plexx
Adult novelties? Check. Adult videos? Couples theater? Check, check, and check. Whether you're searching out some random bit of fetish gear or hypoallergenic lube, you can find what you're looking for at Adult Mega Plexx. They even have an entire section devoted to vintage girlie magazines, where you can ogle to your heart's content. Where you'll really want to keep your drool in check, though, is in the couples theater. Shopping can wait till you're on your way out the door, right?

We're not saying you have to go check out the cinematic listings, of course, but it is pretty much the pièce de résistance when it comes to Mega Plexx. So go on, hop up on that Adult Mega Plexx saddle and get to gettin'. They can give you the tools, but the rest is up to you, cowboy.

5909 Richmond, 713-780-1827

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Ten Places in Texas to Party for Spring Break

Photo by BluEyedA73 via flickr creative commons

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, e'ryyyyyyyybodyyyyyyy!

So you wanna party for spring break with the college kids, huh? But what's that you say? You're just as broke as a college kid? Well, it's obviously gotta be Spring Break in the Lone Star State, son! And you're in luck, because we know a thing or two about beer bongs and Texas.

Pack up your banana hammock, your sweet neon '80s jammers and your zinc oxide, and let's hit the road, fools. It's Spring Break 2014! Whoooooooooo!

(Side note: If you're over the age of 30, please feel free to change the name of this list in your head to "Ten Places to Avoid Like the Plague During Spring Break. We're right there with you, as a member of the olds.)

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For the Fancy Potheads: Cannabis Wedding Receptions and Luxury Pot Tours

Photo by tanjila via flickr creative commons

So, let's talk about the traditional method of weed delivery, shall we? The nickel sack.

Does anyone here remember the nickel sack? You'd buy it in some hurried drug deal, a process in which you'd deliver your five dollar bill to some the shady guy out of view, who would then pull a crumpled-up sandwich bag out of his nether regions. It was a crazy, somewhat unsanitary process of scoring some weed, but it was weed, and you were happy.

Well, those days are over folks. Sorry to kill the nostalgia buzz, but gone are the days of stuffing your shoe -- or your nether regions -- with a sandwich bag full of weed. These days, it's all about the frills of the drug deal. Seriously.

Now that recreational weed is legal in a couple of states, we are starting to see a new phenomenon arise from the prohibition ashes: the re-branding of cannabis. Weed no longer carries some sort of stoner stigma, and these days it's all about the high-end, flavor-profiled cannabis, and the cannabis connoisseurs that flock to it.

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Look Out, Amsterdam; Colorado's Pot Tourism Industry Is Comin' For Ya

Photo by Dank Depot via flickr

So you want to get Rocky Mountain high, but you aren't sure how to navigate the regulations of the legal pot industry. Well, no worries. You can still get high on Colorado's supply. All it takes is some road trippin' and some cash.

If you've got a couple of vacation days to spare, there's an entire industry out there, and it's just waiting for your arrival. It's pretty normal to have a bunch of questions as a legal cannabis newbie -- stuff like where it's cool to smoke, how much you can buy, and where the hell to go are all valid queries that need to be addressed before you can jump into the mellow mood -- and the folks in the Colorado pot industry have taken note. That's where pot tourism, the latest venture to sprout out of cannabis legalization, comes in.

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Bomdiggidy Smoke Shop's Glassblowers and the Art of Getting Stoned

Photo courtesy of Bomdiggidy Smoke Shop
Shop owner Matt and one wicked expensive piece

The temperature from the torches in this back-alley shop is brutal, even from a safe distance, and yet no one seems to notice but me. Every two feet or so, there's an artist standing over a torch, and they're all deep in the process of melting glass. This fire-meets-molten glass is their comfort zone.

One of the bespectacled guys begins the process of blowing into the molten glass, gently blowing the glowing material into an ever-expanding bubble. As I move a bit closer, I am completely unaware of anything other than the glow of the lava-like glass, and I come entirely too close to wiping out an entire table of glass pipes. Expensive glass pipes.

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Be Polite With Your Pot by Using Cannabis Etiquette

Photo by viper898989 via flickr

Let's talk about keeping our pot elbows off the table, shall we?

So, as I'm sure you're all aware, both Colorado and Washington state have passed laws that not only legalize marijuana for medical use, but also allow for the freedom of choice when it comes to recreational pot use. And when we zoom in on the other 48 states, the number of states that embrace medical cannabis -- 20, if you include Washington D.C. -- is even greater. The tide sure is a'changin'.

But with the mainstream acceptance of cannabis on the rise, there are bound to be a number of questions left unanswered. Voids left blank on who wins in the showdown between federal cannabis laws vs. state laws, and questions on the differences between decriminalization vs. legalization are all very valid discussion topics. And out of the ashes of those discussions, well past the practicalities of laws and fines, lies yet another question waiting to be answered: the question of pot etiquette.

Yes, pot etiquette. It's not a new subject, mind you. The rules of proper pot smoking have been around for ages, and have been passed along by underground smoke signals and carrier pigeons from one stoner group to the next.

The only problem is, now that cannabis use is legal in some of the country, all of these new, adult cannabis users are emerging from the woodwork with no clue on the proper ways to be polite with your pot. There's a gaping hole in the education system, and these manners, just like your table manners, are oh-so-important.

So, guys. It's time to teach the newbies the way of the world. Here are the guidelines on how to be polite with your pot. Don't say we never taught you anything.

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The Strangest Job Ads on Craigslist

Photo by philcampbell via flickr

If you're looking for a new job and are finding yourself in the doldrums, we get it. Looking for a new job is tedious, frustrating and often downright overwhelming.

But you know what makes that job search even worse? When the job board is full of completely awful ads. Craigslist -- that good ol' community board where you can sell your old junk to willing buyers -- is a fantastic place to start your job search. There are plenty of actual employers seeking folks to fill actual positions with their companies.

Dig a little deeper into that Craigslist job well, and you'll come up with ads looking to fill some of the strangest jobs ever. So if you're feeling a bit frustrated with the job search, we're here to tell you that it could always be worse. You could be applying for one of these jobs.

Here are the strangest job ads we found on Craigslist. And yes, as strange as it may seem, they all came directly from the job boards. Craigslist doesn't even have an "adult" section anymore -- that we know of, anyway.

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FYI: Decriminalization of Cannabis Does Not Mean Weed Will Be Legal in Texas

Photo by Brett Levin Photography via flickr

Well, Rick Perry wants to decriminalize pot in the state of Texas. But don't start sparking up that celebratory joint just yet. It may not mean quite what you think it does.

If you haven't heard the news, Rick Perry threw out his support for marijuana decriminalization in Texas during the World Economic Forum in Switzerland recently, and it was a bit surprising, to say the least. In years past, Perry's stance on drugs has always been a bit, well, punitive, and that "decriminalization" talk sure did sound like a mighty big change of heart. But when it comes down to it, would the decriminalization that Perry is touting really mean huge policy changes on marijuana in the state of Texas?

Unfortunately, the short answer to that question is "no." Decriminalization is not equivalent to legalization of marijuana in any form or fashion, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. There are some big differences between the two terms, and they're differences you might want to know about, because the differences could mean rehab on one hand, and a thriving pot industry on the other.

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UPDATED: Cannabis, Texas: How Close Are We to Legalization in the Lone Star State?

Photo by it was 3 a.m. via flickr

Sito Negron, communications director for Senator Jose Rodriguez contacted us to say that while Rodriguez has advocated for a review of our marijuana policies, he never has advocated for its use.
The buzz about cannabis reform is still going strong, well after the very first recreational pot shops in Colorado opened their doors to long lines and sellout crowds. Folks are excited about the impending change, and rightfully so. Marijuana has cleared some major milestones, jumping in some states from outlawed to outright legal, and taking baby-steps toward reform in others.

We all know where Colorado and Washington are on the marijuana reform scale; they're all for legal pot, and it certainly seems to be popular in their respective states. And when you dig through the all of media hype over the success in Colorado, there are signs of political movement toward in other states as well.

But that begs the question; where Texas is at in all of this legalization hubbub? Are we any closer to a rational policy on cannabis use, or will we drag our conservative feet until the other 49 states have come around?

Well, we've got a few of those answers for you in our Cannabis, Texas roundup. Here are the milestones Texas has made in the fight for legalization and decriminalization over the past year. And yes, there's a nod to Kinky Friedman. We like him too.

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