A Lawyer's Head Injury Unveils Hidden Artistic Talents

Photo by Mark Reyes
Artist Patrick Fagerberg with piece from "Embracing the Sublime" exhibit at Gremillion & Co.

A man walks into a bar, gets hit on the head by a 400-pound camera boom, and emerges almost unscathed. Or so that's what Patrick Fagerberg thought, after his plans to hear the band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark went horribly awry in 2011. "I was at South by Southwest for an OMD concert," said Fagerberg, who heard the first note of the guitar before being knocked out. Taken out on a stretcher, he was stitched up and released from the hospital after just 7 hours. "I was happy that my neck wasn't broken," said Fagerberg. "Two days later, I couldn't put sentences together. I knew I was in trouble."

With that single note, the legal career of this successful Austin defense attorney ended and the darkness set in. "I had to grieve my own death. The depression was horrendous," said Fagerberg, who struggled with substance abuse and the loss of his girlfriend and career, eventually turning to cognitive therapy and psychotherapy to deal with the stages of grief.

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Perlman Showcases Virtuosic Performance as Player and Conductor

Photo by Susan Wyatt
Itzhak carried out dual roles Sunday in Houston
Itzhak Perlman has refined the fine art of multitasking in the 21st Century. Wearing both a performer's and conductor's hat Sunday afternoon to an adoring audience at Jones Hall, Perlman showcased his virtuosity as the world's greatest violinist. And in a lesser known role, but an equally invigorating and entertaining one, he revealed his passion for conducting with a demonstrably visceral style.

Perlman took his place as performer and conductor, but not before humorously inspecting his violin for potential foul play. After the crowd's laughter died down, Bach's Violin Concerto No. 2 filled the concert hall with a vital spirit all its own. A piece that required it to be played with skilled precision, the first part of the concerto, Allegro-Adagio-Allegro, exploded in the beginning with each performer pushing the piece's forte dynamic to its peak. A graceful contrast interrupted the bombast, and above the softened tones, Perlman magnified the solo's beauty. Violin Concerto No. 2 closed with the same vitality with which it began, galloping to its counterpoint until Perlman, with a charming grin, indicated to both the players and the audience the piece's end.

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Add These to Your Arsenal: The 10 Most Irritating Text Message Responses Ever

Sarah Marriage via Flickr

So, there is apparently a thing called "textiquette."

According to Urban Dictionary, "textiquette" is the proper behavior one should use when texting, i.e., responding promptly or the correct use of "lol."

Not quite grasping it? Need an example?

Brooke: God, why does it take so long for Taylor to text back?
Jackie: That's because she has really poor textiquette

Some of you may have already known this handy little term for rude text etiquette existed, and are probably, most likely, without a shadow of a doubt, under the age of 20.

The rest of us? Well, we try not to make up words.

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The Best of the "Topless Tour" Trend on Instagram


Traveling to an exotic locale is awesome. There are new experiences, new foods, and new cultures, all at your fingertips. Or apparently your nipples. Well, if you're part of the new Topless Tour trend, anyway.

The brainchild of three college roommates, The Topless Tour is a social media movement meant to "unite people across the globe to feel the freedom and share their beauty with the world." So what does that mean? Well, precisely what it sounds like: The Topless Tour encourages people to go on a topless tour.

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James Franco Teaching Online Film Class -- How to Get His Attention

Wake up, dude. You are teaching this course not taking.
In case you thought James Franco didn't have enough going on in his life, what with his acting, performance art, painting, getting multiple degrees from Ivy league schools, building houses for homeless children in the Tundra, - nah, I made that last one up, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did - he is now teaching an online Skillshare course.

Skillshare is a website where people of all shapes and sizes share their skills. Duh. The courses range from writing to computer programming to just about everything in between. How you become a skill-sharer I do not know, but having taken a course, I will say that for its inexpensive cost, $20 - 30 and its easy pace, it's worth it to learn something new.

What skill will James Franco be sharing? Screenwriting for short film, of course, because you knew he did that too, right? According to the class description:

"I've been involved in the world of film since 2007 - acting, directing, producing, writing and teaching. In 2005 I started Rabbit Bandini Productions with my former acting school classmate, Vince Jolivette. Together we've produced upwards of 40 films, running the gamut from dramas to comedies; feature-length films to shorts."
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Five Divine Things Bette Midler Must Do While in Houston

Can you get any more fabulous than the inimitable Bette Midler? Eh, probably not.

The Divine Miss M has a career that spans nearly half a century, and it began alongside a young Barry Manilow, performing bawdy comedy shows while he accompanied her on the piano. Her career started out with Barry Manilow.

Things only went uphill from there. Those steel nerves and her grand sense of comedic timing eventually earned her a spot on the stage in the theater, from which she'd eventually move on down to the sandy acting shores, starring in classics like Beaches and The Rose.

And now, after all of those years on stage, she's become a gay icon, a straight icon, a theater icon, and whatever else you can possibly pair with icon. She's toting around a boatload of Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, and Emmy Awards, and she's got walls lined with platinum records from her years being so darn fab.

So what else could she possibly want to do in this lifetime? Bette not only is everything; she's done everything, too.

Well, almost everything, that is. It seems that while Bette, who will be in town on Tuesday to speak at the Wortham Theater Center for the Brilliant Lecture Series, was earning all those awards and being all fancy and fantastic, she skipped over a couple of bucket list items -- Bette-centric items -- and they're things that happen right around our fine city. It's a wrong that should be righted as soon as possible.

But don't worry, Ms Midler. We know how important bucket lists are, and we're here to help you out on this one. Here is the guide to all of the Bette-related stuff to do in Houston. And yes, we left "hang out with us and take selfies" off the list.

We know our limits.

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The Best Pot-Related Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Photo by Dank Depot via flickr

Hey, so you know how pot is legal in some states, but totally not in Texas? Yeah, well, we're not only missing out on those fancy tax dollars, but we're also missing out on some serious business opportunities.

When surveying the dismal unemployment numbers, it may seem a thing of the past, and you may be right -- for your state, anyway. But if you happen to reside in one of the states where pot is legal, job growth is actually a pretty common thing.

You see, folks, when you stop policing an entire plant like cannabis, and allow for it to be legally bought and sold instead, this magical thing happens -- new businesses start to appear -- and new jobs spring forth all willy-nilly. Crazy, I know, but it happens.

And those new businesses and new jobs are happening all over places like Colorado and Washington. Take, for instance, the grow shop. Don't know what that is? Well, it's the place where pot is legally cultivated, from seedling to massive plant. Those shops need folks to keep 'em running.

Or how about the medical aspect of pot? Yep, you guessed it. Medical professionals are needed to diagnose and prescribe, and office staff goes hand in hand with that type of business. So you don't even have to be a medical doctor to land a job in medical marijuana; you just have to be able to set appointments or file paperwork.

But as great as those jobs sound, there are even better ones to be had in the pot industry. Don't believe us? See below. But be careful; the word "budtender" may accidentally blow your mind.

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The Top 10 XXX Places to Party in Houston

Photo by BinaryApe via flickr

Oh, stop side-eyeing us, you guys. Everyone needs this list, don't they? You may not need it now, but trust us. One day you'll be glad you printed it out and hid it under the mattress for safe-keeping.

We're not going to say much more on this one. We all know the purpose of this list, and yes, you're welcome for it. Here are the top 10 XXX places to party in Houston.

Just make sure to park around back, will ya? We don't need to know more about you than we already do.

10. Adult Mega Plexx
Adult novelties? Check. Adult videos? Couples theater? Check, check, and check. Whether you're searching out some random bit of fetish gear or hypoallergenic lube, you can find what you're looking for at Adult Mega Plexx. They even have an entire section devoted to vintage girlie magazines, where you can ogle to your heart's content. Where you'll really want to keep your drool in check, though, is in the couples theater. Shopping can wait till you're on your way out the door, right?

We're not saying you have to go check out the cinematic listings, of course, but it is pretty much the pièce de résistance when it comes to Mega Plexx. So go on, hop up on that Adult Mega Plexx saddle and get to gettin'. They can give you the tools, but the rest is up to you, cowboy.

5909 Richmond, 713-780-1827

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Ten Places in Texas to Party for Spring Break

Photo by BluEyedA73 via flickr creative commons

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, e'ryyyyyyyybodyyyyyyy!

So you wanna party for spring break with the college kids, huh? But what's that you say? You're just as broke as a college kid? Well, it's obviously gotta be Spring Break in the Lone Star State, son! And you're in luck, because we know a thing or two about beer bongs and Texas.

Pack up your banana hammock, your sweet neon '80s jammers and your zinc oxide, and let's hit the road, fools. It's Spring Break 2014! Whoooooooooo!

(Side note: If you're over the age of 30, please feel free to change the name of this list in your head to "Ten Places to Avoid Like the Plague During Spring Break. We're right there with you, as a member of the olds.)

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For the Fancy Potheads: Cannabis Wedding Receptions and Luxury Pot Tours

Photo by tanjila via flickr creative commons

So, let's talk about the traditional method of weed delivery, shall we? The nickel sack.

Does anyone here remember the nickel sack? You'd buy it in some hurried drug deal, a process in which you'd deliver your five dollar bill to some the shady guy out of view, who would then pull a crumpled-up sandwich bag out of his nether regions. It was a crazy, somewhat unsanitary process of scoring some weed, but it was weed, and you were happy.

Well, those days are over folks. Sorry to kill the nostalgia buzz, but gone are the days of stuffing your shoe -- or your nether regions -- with a sandwich bag full of weed. These days, it's all about the frills of the drug deal. Seriously.

Now that recreational weed is legal in a couple of states, we are starting to see a new phenomenon arise from the prohibition ashes: the re-branding of cannabis. Weed no longer carries some sort of stoner stigma, and these days it's all about the high-end, flavor-profiled cannabis, and the cannabis connoisseurs that flock to it.

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