Anime Matsuri Returns to Houston and It's Bigger Than Ever

Photo courtesy of Anime Matsuri Convention
Anime Matsuri features one of the biggest Lolita fashion shows in the United States.
Anime Maturi, the convention that anime fans of all ages love, returns from Friday April 3 through Sunday, April 5. It's now in its ninth year and there are several new features for 2015. The show has grown so large it will take up all of the first floor of the George R. Brown convention center and two-thirds of the third floor.

Deneice Leigh, who co-founded Anime Matsuri along with her husband, John, is excited about the additions. "This year, we have so many exciting new things for the convention!" she says. "For one, we've lined up one of the biggest Japanese names in rock music, Anna Tsuchiya, who will be our headliner for the live concert on Saturday. There are also several artists, voice actors and actresses from studio TRIGGER, one of the biggest Japanese animation studios."

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Make Bayou City Art Festival Your Weekend Fashion Destination

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Photo by Christina Uticone
Roman Knot Belt from Tom Thomas Leather Artisan is customized for length at the 2014 Bayou City Art Festival.
Among the 450 artists scheduled to appear at this week's Bayou City Art Festival at Memorial Park are designers who focus on helping us curate our most personal art collections -- our wardrobes. If you are always on the hunt for one-of-a-kind jewelry, conceptual handbags, cut-to-fit leather belts and other "no one else will have it" items, the Bayou City Art Festival is not to be missed. The festival is also an opportunity to meet and work with artists on custom couture and bespoke designs as well, according to Art Colony Association board member Bart Truxillo.

"We have an extraordinary number of artists in the show, from around the United States and the world, and the festival allows for a dialogue about art between the artist and the customer. Whether it's painting, sculpture, jewelry or other wearable art, a lot of our artists take commissions from those who want custom work during [the festival]."

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SXSW 2015 Festival Style Roundup

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Photo by Dane Deaner via Wikimedia Commons
SXSW, the small festival turned international music, tech, and everything else cool people are in to event, attracts people from all over the world and with that comes style of all kinds. If you took a stroll around Austin over the past week, you would have seen a veritable smorgasbord of, shall we say, unique fashion choices. I thought it would be fun to hunt down a few standouts and share with you fine people. Enjoy!

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[Video] The 43rd Annual Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta Hits the Water

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Did you know that the largest canoe and kayak race in Texas takes place in the middle of Houston? For over four decades, participants have braved the waters of Buffalo Bayou to compete in the Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta.

If you have any experience in a canoe or a kayak, you've got to respect what these racers do every year. 15 miles on the bayou sounds intense, even more so in a year like 2015, which temperatures were below average for a Saturday in March.

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The 2015 Houston Saint Patrick's Day Guide

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We hope Saint Patrick loved green beer, bagpipes and the Dropkick Murphys, because you're sure to find at least one of the three at the festivities honoring him around town. From "Irish Open" golf tourneys to the annual downtown Saint Patrick's Day parade, here's how to celebrate St. Paddy in Houston.

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Houston Rodeo Guide: Something for Everyone at the Big Show

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Photo by Nicholas Zalud
The Big Show is here again.
The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been an enduring success since it started as the "Fat Stock Show" way back in 1932. It has grown into an enormous collection of shows, auctions, exhibits and activities that has something for everyone. Whether you're a cattle rancher, horse rider, child, parent, wine enthusiast, live-music fan, foodie, thrill seeker, gardener or dog lover, there's something geared specifically to your interests. Here's just a small sampling of what's going on this year.

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Come & Take It Comedy Takeover Takes Over

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Photos by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
Maria Bamford

The moment the Come & Take It Comedy Takeover proved it was serious business came near the end of local legend Andy Huggins' set.

"You've been hall of fame quality," he said to the wall-to-wall audience in Warehouse Live's Studio.

That sentiment was echoed by many of the 50-plus comics that shared the bill with him over the weekend at the first-time event. Some younger talents with national gigs and lots of upside were just as impressed as Huggins by the turnout. But hearing it come from one of the original Texas Outlaw Comics, someone who's ridden the waves of Houston comedy for decades and a man revered by many of our city's newest comics, gave the endorsement a little more heft.

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The 2014 Houston Press New Year's Eve Guide: Where to Party in the Bayou City

Each holiday season has its schedule. We eat turkey and stuffing, then we decorate a tree and open presents to the tune of constant Christmas music. But those are just the opening acts. The main event is New Year's Eve, where you count down the seconds until a new year, make a champagne toast, and dance and laugh while reflecting on the past year's ups and unavoidable downs. As always, we've provided you with a list of the best events of Houston to ring in the new year. From masquerades to comedy shows, four-course meals to kids' parties, there's something for everyone.

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Being Horny at the Texas Renaissance Festival

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Jef With One F
This year, as I do most years, I took the Wife With One F to the Texas Renaissance Festival for her birthday. Both of us have been going since we were teenagers, and it's very rare for us to miss the season entirely. However, this year something got on my nerves more so than ever before.

My wife almost always wears a pair of satyr horns when she attends. She bought them there, and it's pretty much the only time she ever gets to wear them. What no one tells you when you purchase the horns, though, is that a single joke is going to be hurled at you over and over and over again until finally you either take them off or just stop going.

"Hey horny lady!"

It literally never ends, and every single barker and shopkeeper that throws out the line seems to believe it's the first time it's ever been done. You can't walk past any section of the festival without at least one person using it as a bawdy attention grabber, and it happens year after year after year.

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[Video] As RenFest Comes to a Close, We Ask the Workers What's Next

Categories: Festivals

After a glorious few weeks, the 2014 Texas Renaissance Festival comes to a close this weekend after celebrating a Celtic Christmas. With what looks to be nice weather this weekend, it looks like the crowds will be out in full force, giving merchants and performers plenty of chances to make an impression.

But what happens next?

It's easy to forget that RenFest lasts for only eight weekends, which means there are still 44 weekends left in the year where the people working RenFest are off doing other things. This got us to wondering: What is the RenFest offseason like?

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