The 6 Best Cheap and Lazy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes of 2014

Photo by Francisco Montes
Low budget, high concept = solid laughs.
And so it goes that 11 months have gone by, bringing us back to the start of October and the march toward Halloween. For many, this is the most wonderful time of year. We probably all have that one friend who has already decked out his crib with Halloween decorations and has been planning his costume for months.

We all love that friend, even while we're jealous of his costume planning abilities.

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It's Time to Fight Back Against Elves on Shelves

elf_shelf_no.JPG Don't even think about it.

Dear Parents of Small Children,

We realize how cute you think these Elf on a Shelf things are. We get it. It's what, the zillionth year that you're going to spam our Facebook timelines with notifications about what your naughty little elf is using to torment your child with today? We've seen about every iteration of what your elf is capable of, and perhaps it's time to stop the madness.

It was funny the first time your elf squeezed out all of the toothpaste onto the sink, while high-diving off the back of a Barbie. We're sure your kid was totally freaked.

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EYESORE and give up Team Up For a Street Art Gallery Showcase

photos by Marco Torres

To evolve and adapt. In the world of street art, those factors are as important for success as the development of a unique aesthetic and consistent output. You gotta stay up. As street art hits the galleries, the same is true. When the idea of a joint showcase first hit artists EYESORE and give up earlier this year, the venue of choice was the now shuttered Domy Books.

Now that the duo has found a new gallery for their latest works (Cardoza Fine Art,1320 Nance), we spoke to EYESORE in anticipation of this weekend's opening for a preview of the show:

Art Attack: What lead to this collaboration between yourself and give up?

EYESORE: Besides being friends, we hold the same interest in the dark, ugly, and misunderstood subject matter, whether it be animals or people. We are the same in that respect, always riding around and seeing inspiration for our works hidden in the dark.

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The Bridesmaid's Dress: Your Survival Guide

Categories: Eyesore, Fashion

Photo by Sherry Main
Whoever this bride is? You can skip this article. Also, dancing girl on end -- call me. I want to be friends with you.
I was a 36-year-old bridesmaid, and I lived to tell the tale. I'm telling it now, risking discovery of this article by the bride and the dissolution of our 30-year friendship. Shhhh. Quiet.

Anyone who has ever been in a wedding has horror stories to tell. Tyrannical brides, unexpected guests, terrible caterers, photographers who don't deliver the promised $3,000 worth of photos, mothers of the bride (or groom)...but this isn't a therapy session. This is an open plea to brides everywhere regarding one very specific, very expensive issue: the bridesmaid's dress.

PLUS! Tips to survive a bad one.

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Five Questionable Fashions from Coachella Artists

Categories: Eyesore

Ed. Note: This blog comes to us from our friends at OC Weekly.

2 Chains Fashion statements.jpg
Timothy Norris
This look could catch on one day, right?
We all know Coachella is a textbook study in the desire to wear things that no human should. That typically applies to the crowd who come decked out in ill-fitting, barely there costumes, spirit hoodies and every piece of tight neon attire imaginable. But artists onstage can commit some cringe-worthy fashion faux pas that make us hope they'll take some of those hard-earned Coachella dollars from this weekend and hire a better stylist for Weekend 2. Here then is our list of the top five questionable fashion statements from artists on the second day of Coachella.

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Rest in Peace: Nekst, a Video Tribute By His Brother, Vizie

Losing a family member is one of the most painful experiences that anyone could possibly live through. Losing a best friend at the same time is downright tragic. When Houston-raised world-famous graffiti artist Nekst passed away this past December, those who knew him and his extensive body of work felt extreme heartbreak and sadness when hit with the news. Yet none of us can begin to imagine the intense sorrow that his family has endured, especially that of his brother.

Vizie paints masterfully vibrant pieces and comically illustrated characters that capture the imagination of graffiti admirers across the globe. He created his own style, altogether different from his brother's but never too distant. Both brothers are regarded as masters of their craft, kings of the graffiti art world.

Earlier this week, California-based creative lifestyle clothing company LRG released the following video tribute to Nekst, which showcases Vizie paying his respects through the medium he knows best: paint.

Rest in Peace, Nekst.

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Rest In Peace: Nekst, Houston's Most Successful Graffiti Artist

Photos by Marco Torres

To be successful in this crazy world, a person needs to have talent and determination. Some individuals exhibit natural talent, but are limited by their lack of drive. Others are blessed with a sense of purpose and a strong work ethic, but lack the talent that is required to achieve those goals. To have both is a gift that is reserved for only the most special examples of humanity.

And now, one of those special ones has passed on.

His name was Nekst. He was the most successful Houston artist that most outside of the graffiti world have never heard of. His style was bold. "My work has always been about scale and visibility," he once stated in an interview. For each of his pieces, his choice of structure, colors, size and location was always meticulously planned, legible and in high traffic areas.

In the graffiti world, there is a status pyramid. At the bottom you have the Toys, beginners to graffiti who have not yet earned respect nor established their art or name beyond a fundamental/amateur level. At the top, you have the Kings, who have established themselves as the best of the best through years of hard work, determination, talent and aligning themselves with other great graffiti writers.

Nekst was an All-City King. Everywhere he went, he did it big and owned the city with his graffiti. He started here in Houston. His crew here is/was DTS (Def Threats). He went on to New York City, but also hit New Orleans, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami and many other great cities along the way. He became part of the MSK crew (Mad Society Kings), which includes some of the best and most notorious graffiti artists in the world. He began writing his name as Next in 1996, then evolved to Nekst.

Perhaps his best and most traditionally artistic work was done during a six-month detention in a Dallas-area prison, during which he drew dozens of touching and contemplative portraits of his fellow prison inmates with simple pencil and paper.

We offer our condolences to his family and crew. May he forever rest in peace.

"At this point I just tell people I'm from America. I've lived in and painted in every region in this country. I've been writing graffiti for 18 years and have always been significant to every city I've lived in. I try to make sure that what I make is as large as possible and always legible. I feel like you aren't succeeding if you arent making civilians want to start painting. " - Nekst

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REMÜV: Latest Contender For Houston's Lamest Graffiti "Artist"

Categories: Eyesore

Flickr photo by imelda
The umlaut just kills me.
In the fight for lamest graffiti in Houston, this year has seen some serious contenders. Back in June we told you about G.O.A.T., the prolific tagger who was spreading his name all around the Fourth Ward and beyond. Just a few weeks later, alleged vandal Uriel Landeros defaced a Picasso at the Menil Collection. Now there's a new name in the race to dumb down Houston's rich street art scene: REMÜV.

Even if I hadn't witnessed REMÜV's massive tag on the railroad bridge over I-45 just north of Downtown with my own eyes, I would have seen it eventually: on Facebook and Instagram, where several of my well-meaning friends have spread his overly-simplistic platitude: REMÜV "hate!"

Let's just chat for a minute about why this is the stupidest graffiti in Houston right now.

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6 Reasons Why 3D Has Failed

God, the 3D on this new Ice Age movie is terrible.
It looks like the 3D phenomenon that (re)started a few years back may finally be on the way out. A chief sign of this is Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's admission that the recent 3D boom "is perhaps slightly on the wane again." We should all understand by now that when someone whose company manufactures 3D products and has tried to run with the 3D torch as far as it could be carried finally, grudgingly admits that the 3D phenomenon is "slightly on the wane," that means the technology is for shit, the bottom is falling out and it's all downhill from here.

Of course, many of us knew from the get-go that the resurgence of 3D would be a very temporary thing. We knew this because:

6. 3D-ification Drives Up Prices
Not to be the umpteenth person today who tells you that we're in the middle of a recession, but: We're in the middle of a recession. People just don't have as much disposable income as they used to, and that means certain luxuries start getting cut. First among those: entertainment. Or at least pricey entertainment. You may splurge for 3D on huge "event" movies, but nobody going in to see Tyler Perry's Madea Farts Forever in a Poopy Haze of Mediocrity wants to pay upwards of 12 bucks for their movie ticket when the standard price tag will be more than enough of a letdown and ripoff.

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3D Movies

Chomping Down on Shark Week: The Most Awesome (Awful?) Pieces of Shark Art

Shark Week, the week in which we can watch cute, tiny things getting mauled by larger, decidedly not-cute things under the excuse "it's educational," is finally here, and last night I spent three hours planted on the couch watching great whites chomp on sea lions in slow motion to learn two things: Shark attacks on humans only happen where people are (really!) and tiger sharks will eat literally anything.

In anticipation of our favorite week in infotainment, we published a post last week featuring some of the most iconic, striking and beautiful sharks in art. This week, we combed the Internet for the lamest, least fearsome, least thought-provoking images of sharks. Scroll through for some of the best/worst shark fan art we could find, from statues to street art to skin art.


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