Doctor Who: 5 Reasons the Tenth Doctor Wasn't All That Great

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Now, don't get me wrong. I love the Tenth Doctor. I love all the Doctors. What I'm addressing today is the fact that on any given list of favorite Doctors Ten is nearly always tops. His only real competition for the number one spot in popular opinion is Tom Baker, who managed to be everyone's favorite Doctor for more than three decades. Not a bad piece of work for our Ten.

But that acclaim has always baffled me, especially as I go back and rewatch the series in anticipation for August 23. Ten is good, but is he really great? I don't think so because...

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Doctor Who: Interview With Paul McGann

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While he was here for Comicpalooza, Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor, talked with us about what it was like going from one of the least regarded and almost forgotten Doctors to becoming a huge crowd favorite following his triumphant return to the modern show in "Night of the Doctor."

For instance, he actively tried to turn down the role over and over again. He would tell producer Philip Segal how he wanted to portray The Doctor as darker, melancholy, and not at all as he had appeared in the classic show. Segal agreed, paving the way for many of the aspects you find since the show re-debuted in 2005.

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Doctor Who: We Need Purely Historical Stories Again

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Netflix recently added Series 7 of Doctor Who onto the streaming service, so I've been re-watching some of it. In doing so I've realized two things. The first is I was a little harder on the season than was strictly necessary. The second is that it's definitely time to start doing purely historical stories once again.

What I mean by that is adventures in the past which don't feature any aspect of science fiction outside the Tardis and The Doctor. No aliens, no out-of-place technology, nothing but the dangers you'd get simply from being there.

Such stories used to be a staple of the series. The very first serial "An Unearthly Child" was nothing but The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan getting caught up in a political struggle between members of a cave man tribe. Sure, right after that the Tardis crew met the Daleks for the first time, but then it was off to gallivant with Marco Polo.

As is often stated, Doctor Who was meant to be somewhat educational. History in one adventure, science in the next. I'm not sure what anyone actually learned from "The Aztecs" except that pasty British people make poor American warriors on screen, but their hearts were in the right place.

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Doctor Who: A Series 8 Rumor Round-Up

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Yes, it's a fan trailer. I don't care. It's brilliant!

In addition to being my favorite show of all time, Doctor Who has re-introduced me to something I'd forgotten I loved since back in the day when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the air. Namely, rumors. I love trolling the internet for glimpses of things to come.

With August still painfully two months away I thought I'd dig for some of the most badass possibilities that has been mentioned or leaked so far. Possible spoilers ahead, but possibly not. Here's what we may know about the first round of Peter Capaldi's adventures in the Tardis.

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Doctor Who:It's Time to Start Talking About a Female Doctor

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Joanna Lumley as the Thirteenth Doctor in the comedy sketch "The Curse of Fatal Death"
Peter Capaldi lands as the new Doctor this Fall, and may his reign be long, fun, and full of running. I am as stoked as I could possibly be about seeing Capaldi take on the part. It's a welcome change for the new series, and I think that even the most vocal of fans hoping for a non-white or non-male Doctor are still happy with the choice. Some actors just are The Doctor, and Capaldi is clearly one of them.

That said... it's very likely that in three or four years we will once again be playing the guessing game as we wonder who will step into Capaldi's shoes once he too regenerates into a new form. With a brand new cycle of regenerations we're set for another twelve actors to be given a sonic screwdriver, but between now and then it's time for us to really sit down and be honest with ourselves.

It's not that the next Doctor should be a woman, it's that the next Doctor needs to be a woman.

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10 Things You Don't Want to Miss at Comicpalooza 2014

Chuck Cook Photography

We scoped out Comicpalooza for you today and although there's a ton of things to see and do, we're pointing out a few things that we think are worth seeking out.

10. Basketball-Playing Robots

Chuck Cook Photography
If these were auctioned for college scholarships for these kids, you'd bid, wouldn't you?

High school robotics students were charged with the task of creating mechs that can catch a ball, toss it to their "teammates" and put it in a basket while keeping it away from their opponents. In other words, these robots are essentially playing basketball.

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Your Last-Minute Costuming Guide for Comicpalooza

Phaedra Cook
It's not too late to get your Who on. Bedrock City has plenty of pop culture gear, even for the ladies.

Comicpalooza, Houston's biggest comic and pop culture convention, starts at 10 am on Friday. The six-year old convention keeps growing in size and popularity. This year, it spans four days instead of three. (Hopefully, you already have Memorial Day off and don't have to call in "sick.")

Chuck Cook Photography
It's OK to be normal. Dark Phoenix still loves you.
So, what if you want to go to Comicpalooza but didn't plan on wearing a costume?

Option 1: Don't Sweat It

First off, it's absolutely fine to not wear a costume or cosplay. Speaking from experience, costumes can be hot, uncomfortable and--if you make your own--require hours, days or even months of work to achieve a high level of quality and authenticity. Based on my own observations at cons, a third or fewer attendees actually cosplay (although it is growing in popularity every year and more and more people are picking it up as a serious hobby). In fact, I strongly recommend to first-time con attendees to NOT cosplay. Just come see what it's all about first and then decide if you want to cosplay for the next one.

Option 2: Nerd Couture

Phaedra Cook
Bedrock City and other local comic book stores have a wide variety of apparel.

The easiest way to dress in the spirit of the event is to visit your local comic book store and check out the assortment of branded T-shirts. You can probably find one that sports a character that you love. At larger comic book shops, like the Bedrock City Comics on Washington Avenue, there's a lot more than just T-shirts to choose from. These days, the fashionable geek can choose from hoodies, jackets hats and wallets. Gussy up your jeans and jackets with iron-on patches. There are even some extremely cute Doctor Who dresses for the ladies.

If your heart is absolutely set on wearing a costume (or you have a child who is going to be heartbroken to not have one) you still have some options--if you hurry.

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Doctor Who: Four Doctors and Captain Jack Come to Houston

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Last year Comicpalooza was scheduled to host Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor, but unfortunately Davison was forced to cancel. This year Comicpalooza will accomplish something no Houston comic or geek culture convention ever has, and something all but the largest conventions in the country can claim. This weekend there will be four of the immortal Doctors in attendance, as well as John Barrowman, the one and only Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

All the surviving classic Doctors save Tom Baker will be joining us.

Peter Davison was 29-years-old when he agreed to take over the role of The Doctor from Tom Baker, a legendary figure that set a record when he traveled in the Tardis for seven straight years. Davison was then the youngest Doctor ever, until that record was broken by the 26-year-old Matt Smith.

The year 1981 brought many changes to Doctor Who. Though Baker himself remained beloved and popular, the ratings were beginning to slip and new showrunner John Nathan-Turner was eager to shake things up quite a bit. Much of the production talent such as writers Robert Holmes and Douglas Adams that had crafted some of the most iconic episodes in the show's history were replaced in favor of a more sensationalistic approach full of twists, surprises, guest actors, and a keen ability to manipulate the media to keep Doctor Who in the news.

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Doctor Who: 5 Obscure Doctor Who Adventures That Are Free on YouTube

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Take it from me...getting into Doctor Who can be an expensive hobby. Sure, when you're plowing through the modern series on Netflix, it feels like a steal, but once you run out of Matt Smith and decide to go exploring the classic series or Big Finish audio or even the expanded universe novels, that stuff starts to add up fast.

While you'll find plenty of clips all over the place, the BBC is very, very touchy about what it allows to be hosted on YouTube. Those Loose Cannon re-creations of lost classic episodes are fine, but anything that they can make money from gets pulled very, very quickly.

Unless, of course, it's so obscure that even the BBC doesn't bother with it. Well, dedicated fans do, and today we're going to show you some of the fantastic Doctor Who hidden treasures hiding in the bowels of YouTube.

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Doctor Who: Charley Pollard and 5 Other Companions That Need Spin-Offs

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I was insanely delighted to see that Big Finish was starting a new series of audio plays starring my favorite Doctor Who companion Charley Pollard in her own spin-off series. The Edwardian adventuress stowed away on the doomed airship R-101 only to be rescued by the Eighth Doctor. Her salvation was a paradox that threatened to destroy the universe, and almost allowed Rassilon to resurrect himself as a dictator over all of time and space.

Eventually, Charley grew tired of The Doctor's manipulations in people's lives, and tried to leave him. On one final adventure they each believed the other to have died, with Charley stranded on a deserted world far in the future. Of course The Doctor rescued her, except that it was the Sixth Doctor. Unwilling to be parted from him again, but terrified of telling him the future where she thought he would die, the two formed a warm but problematic partnership until they too would go their separate ways.

Her new series, debuting later this month, shows Charley and a new traveling companion trapped by the same race that she and the Sixth Doctor fought in their last outing "Blue Forgotten Planet". The Viyrans are a race known for creating some of the worst bioweapons in the universe, and Charley has chafed having to serve them. When she finds an opportunity to escape she takes it, and that's where her new series picks up.

It got me wondering, which other companions need a spin-off now?

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